14 August, 2009

Beware of Spaghetti Factory

Last Wednesday, after work, my friend and I went to Glorietta 5 and after about thirty minutes of going from one shop to another, we got hungry so I suggested that we eat out. We saw a really huge banner of Spaghetti Factory and since it’s something new to us, we decided to try it out.

The Ambiance
The place was charmingly furnished. It was quite homey actually though it had space restrictions. On its walls were reviews and articles about the place that came out in newspapers and magazines. From what reviews I read, it was a pretty good place for pasta. I sure hoped so since my tummy was already grumbling even before I was seated.

The Menu
The menu was pretty extensive but since we’re just looking for some snacks (I was supposed to be on a diet and on a soft diet at that since I just had a tooth extraction), we chose something from their merienda meals. Des and I each ordered Birdy and Spaghetti Carbonara. This had chicken drumstick with gravy, spaghetti in creamy sauce, Caesar salad, freshly baked bread and iced tea. I also ordered an additional siding of French Fries.

The above seemed too much but when our order came, I understood why it was only priced at Php99 (exclusive of 8% service charge). The serving was too small, is why! We also did a double take as the chicken was burnt and so was the bread. Whatever happened to the FRESHLY BAKED description in their menu, huh? Both looked reheated!

Never been one to waste my food, I dug in still. I had to laugh though when Des sniffed the bread.

Taste-wise, the carbonara was good and so was the salad (I couldn’t help but notice the burnt croutons in it though) but the chicken was the worst I ever had! Even our home-cooked chicken would have fared better. Not only was it burnt, it also tasted funny. I really couldn’t quite describe it but it was bitter and leaves a weird aftertaste. Des and I thought it must be because they used old oil. Also, our order of French fries tasted the same, as if it was cooked on the same oil as the chicken. Fried Chicken and French Fries are two of my favorite foods but when it’s cooked as badly as Spaghetti Factory’s, I’d rather pass. It was so horrible that I did not finish eating them.

The Service
I’m a gracious eater. Even if there’s something that I did not like in a restaurant, I would focus on what I consider to be good. I was thinking of this when the waiter ruined everything for us. It started when the bill came. They had erroneously billed us as they charged us Php99+ for the fries when in their menu, it was just Php29+. We thus called the waiter’s (I was later told by another staff that his name was Jomari) attention and when he came over, he apologized. As he was already there, I decided to give a feedback on how our meal went. The exchange went something like this:

Me: Is this how your chicken really tastes?
Jomari: Why?
Me: It tastes funny. Kind of bitter. As if the oil used was old. The French Fries tasted the same, as if it too were cooked in the same old oil.
Jomari: Ma’am, we use different oils in cooking the chicken and the fries. And you should have told us from the start.
Me: It’s ok. I just would like you to know. But both do taste funny. You may want to taste both.
Jomari: (Just looking at me. Silence. Then I saw him arch his browse and smirk and that’s when I flared up).
Me: You shouldn’t be doing that. When a customer gives you a feedback, you should take it the feedback into account.
Jomari: OK (then he left).

Like whaaaat? How rude! He shouldn’t be working in the service-oriented industry if he is like that.

I thought the worst of our meal was over but he further ruined it when we overheard this exchange he had with another Spaghetti Factory staff.
Unknown staff: What happened?
Jomari: Don’t mind them.
Arrrrgh! How could you be working in a restaurant when you wouldn’t acknowledge your patrons’ feedback? Geez.

Later, it was a different staff who came over with our corrected bill (I am sorry I wasn’t able to get his name but he was nice and I actually got Jomari’s name from him). I was wondering though how Jomari would suddenly forsook us. Maybe he did not want to hear another complaint or at the least, a feedback. Oh my. Good thing I was in a good mood then else I would have asked for the manager.

Final Words
Spaghetti Factory is located in Level 2, Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati City. But if you can steer away from this place, please do. You’ll be saving yourself from unsavory food and insensitive service. Des and I were saying we would have been better off eating at Chef D’ Angelo. Now I know better though as never again will I set foot in it or in any of their branches.

No wonder Spaghetti Factory wasn’t packed with diners for how could they attract customers if their service is as lousy as Jomari’s?


  1. wow ang sarap! :D long time no visit hehehe

  2. i've tried their value meal.. the servings are rather small.. it was way back that i've tried it.. but if you try their pasta, it's really great.. i really just don't like their bread, i prefer it to be rich in butter and toasted.. by the way, the branch I've been dining in is located here in Cebu..
    you may also want to check my review for them : http://cherrey.110mb.com/index.php/cebu-restaurant-review-spaghetti-factorys-red-seafood-pasta/