10 August, 2009

Making my Feet "Happy"

Wow! I have been so busy with the Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt during the past months that most of my blogs from May to July were about it. But now that the said campaign is already finished, I will now start blogging about those that I used to blog about prior to my involvement to the Purple Hunt.

And so today I decided to blog about my beloved Happy Feet sandals. I rarely use sandals that are of the "bakya" type but the moment I saw these lovely pair of sandals with its equally lovely hand-painted designs, I knew I just had to buy it.

A beauty
Aesthetics-wise, each pair of Happy Feet Sandals is a work of art since it is hand-painted thus making each pair unique in itself. It also uses fun designs to express the wearer’s mood or character. I chose the one with a Japanese geisha design because at the time when I bought it, I wanted something that evokes confidence, a unique pair that is a testament to a woman’s charms. LOL.

Proudly Filipino made
But aesthetics alone will not be able to convince me to buy a pair and so I delved deeper into the product and found out that Happy Feet sandals are conceptualized by Filipinos, making it a product that showcases excellent Filipino craftsmanship. They have been around since 1975.

Happy Feet Sandals are also made from natural wood, which has a wax finish that through time and with the natural oils from the wearer’s skin, will give the wood a light sheen.

Cares for the Feet
But the selling pitch of Happy Feet sandals for me is the fact that it does care for the feet. From toe grip to arch support and heel cup, this wooden footwear caresses the vital pressure points of the wearer’s soles, giving her feet a continuous massage. Aside from supporting the arch, ball and heel to take pressure off these vital parts, Happy Feet sandals also alternately stretches and relaxes sole and calf muscles while walking to cool down muscles.

I have been using Happy Feet Sandals for a couple of months now and I can say that it does bring comfort to my feet.

For more information about Happy Feet Sandals, please visit their website at www.happyfeetsandals.com or contact them through (632) 726-5393.


  1. Hi Milai
    I am from Holland and I have want to buy a pair of Happy Feet sandals through internet. For that reason I am interested in other users experiences with these sandals. For example: Can you really change the straps? Is the footbed orthopedic? Do'nt you loose them easily because the are slipper?
    I look forward to your excperiencses!

    Kind regards



  2. Hi Annemarie,

    There are designs that have changeable straps. The pair that I bought is such. It has slits on both sides thus it is easy to remove the strap and change it with a new one. Quite convenient as you can change the strap color for a new look and if the strap gets damaged, you can buy just the strap instead of a new pair of sandals. The strap is also adjustable thus making it quite a comfortable pair of footwear.

    Yes, the footbed does help support your feet. But this is only if the fit is right. My friend always advises us to see and buy the product ourselves as then we are guaranteed that it does fit perfectly.

    And no, I don't lose them easily.

    Hope these help. :)

  3. Hi Milai

    Thanks for your answers! Very helpful. Doe you have a photo of yourself in the Happy Feet sandals? (Just curiousity)

    Kind regards

  4. You are welcome. :) And no, I don't have a picture of myself wearing my Happy Feet sandals. Sorry.

    Best regards,

  5. Hello Milai! how have you been? i know it has been a while. hope all is well.