02 December, 2008

Of YAPPasko 2008

I once blogged about a project of YAPpers (Yahoo Answers Philippines users) this Christmas and I am writing now just to make an update.

Preparations are already underway. We already visited Cottolengo a couple of weeks back.

When we were there, the children had an outing so we only met with those who are bedridden. It's a really heartbreaking sight. No matter how much I tried to hold the tears back in, they still managed to stream down my cheeks. And I wasn't the only one whose heart strings got tugged. My companions' were too.

Some pics are not that clear since I had to turn off my camera's flash lest I scare or upset the kids.

What amazed me was how these kids retained their innate happiness in spite of everything. Take Jessie, for instance. He is the child whom I fell in love with because of his smiles and robust energy. He loved to be carried as well as to drive around in the car.

Seeing all these, I was reminded of how blessed we all are and how these blessings must be shared to the less fortunate ones. These kids need more. Not just more toys. Or clothes. Or food. Yes, they do need all these but what they really need is more love, care and understanding. And these are what we hope to give.

After the visit, we headed to the mall to check out some toys. Whoa, educational toys are expensive!

But thanks to our generous benefactors, we were able to buy some toys. We chose those that are educational and have no small parts that will endanger the kids. We also bought those that have flashing lights and sounds to hold their attention. Or are cuddly, like an adorable Teddy Bear!

One YAPper who is based in Australia also pledged some goodies and the package arrived last Friday. It had lots of candies and chocolates that I'm sure the kids will love!

Thanks, PC. :)

And since yesterday was a holiday, I spent half the day wrapping the toys which is something I absolutely love doing.

We are also working on buying some clothes and more toys if our funds permit. And of course, on the food during the Christmas party itself. Of utmost importance though is the program proper to plan on.

Now I am looking forward to having the event. I can't wait. Way to go, YAPpers!

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  1. I only wish that I could have sent more.
    Lai, the contents of the small package are yours,
    In a small box are:
    - Lindt Swiss Classic - 4 Pieces
    - Lindt Excellence Mint Intense - 5 Pieces
    - Lindt Lindor - 1 Box
    I promised these about 12-15 months ago.
    I will be forwarding some money next week. It won't be as much as I hoped for as there is much turmoil within the company with lay-offs etc.

  2. Gee, thanks, PC. :)

    Any amount will do and is appreciated.

    Good tidings to you and your loved ones. :)