18 December, 2008


Overheard in Janylin, Glorietta, Makati while I was shopping.

Lady: Oh my God, those shoes are so ganda. But it’s so sayang kasi it’s not comfortable on my paa. Watcha think, will it be bagay kaya with my dress? And oh, look here....
Whaaat?! Even with my iPod glued to my ears, I could still hear her go yakkity-yak in that absolutely annoying coñotic tongue-speak. I discreetly looked around (and I wasn’t the only one and some weren’t so discreet about it) to look for the perpetrator and lo and behold, it was some matrona bedecked in enough jewels and accessories to make her look like a walking Christmas tree.

Gosh, it’s so kairita that I made dampot na lang my shopping bags and left Janylin ‘coz she’s like you know, so umm... kainis. LOL.

Funny. And I thought being coñotic is limited to only teens and tweens, huh.


  1. Wow I have no idea what you just said! lol. I imagine that is some sort of filipino slang? nice! well anyway, where did you go on vacation? missed you buddy! take care :)

  2. @ J
    lol. coño-speak is an annoying way of speaking english and filipino.

    well, we went to sagada, banaue and baguio. i'll blog about them soon.

    @ Carnation
    Yes, really naman. lol. :P

  3. LOL! buti hindi mo binatukan ang ale hehehehe! kala niya siguro, she's a bagets hehehe!

  4. Muntik na, actually. Inalala ko lang na 'di ako bayolenteng tao. LOL.

    Thanks for the comment. True. Nai-imagine ko na tuloy si Kris Aquino sa pagtanda 'nya. Ha ha ha!