09 December, 2008

“Rain Pull”

In high school, we had an Earth Science teacher who had a problem in producing the sounds of the letters P and F.

One day, as she was giving her lecture and we were taking down notes, her Ps and Fs (or lack of them) created quite a stir among us.
Teacher: The rain pull...

Classmate A: Rain pull?!

Classmate B: The rain pulls what? Is this a physics thing? The rain having the capacity to pull something?

Classmate C: Maybe it’s pool with two letter Os? Rain in a pool, eh?

Classmate D: May I look at your notes? I may have overheard it differently.
Then, amidst the giggling, as she was finishing her sentence, it dawned on us that she meant “The rainfall...”

If only the sounds of the letters P and F could fall from heaven and fall in the graces of our teacher then we wouldn’t have difficulty doing notes each time she did her lectures...


  1. LOL That's so weird. I wish i could hear what that sounds like. hey, I thought of you the other day. we were watching the news and it said something about Manila, philippines and I was like, "milai!" lol anyway, hope ur doing well.

  2. yes just like pried fork ... ha ha ha. i've tagged you at http://sweetcarnation.blogspot.com/2008/12/bear-iuca-is-here.html. rgrds

  3. i have known several person with that kind of speech defect. they kind of mixep with the letters p & f. i just told them to practice tounge twister words.

  4. @ J
    Thanks for dropping by. Sorry for the late reply as I was out of town for a week. Hope you're doing great.

    @ Carnation
    LOL @ pried fork. Thanks for the tag. I'll visit your posts later.

    @ Abou
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yep, practice does help.