14 May, 2009

Mine's View Park

Now this is the place that I often see in movies and pictures that I so looked forward to seeing it. Then I discovered that it's too tourist-y and a tad overrated.

There’s this pretty “lobby” (I don’t know what to call it as it’s in the entrance of the place so I will just call it the “lobby” as hotel entrances are called) where one could even put on a traditional costume and have his pictures taken. I donned the headgear and held the wooden staff and got my picture taken but as I always say, I won’t be posting any personal pictures here. He he! After the picture-taking, the guest would then have to give a “donation.”

This life-size wood carving also caught my attention. Nice.

The park was teeming with tourists that taking pictures was kind of annoying as before I had a certain spot to myself, I had to wait eons.

In the view deck, there’s the view of the mountains. And rows and rows of colorful houses, some with rusty rooftops that destroyed what could have been a breathtaking view of a vast expanse of greenery. Too bad. My friend said the place used to be really very pretty but when people came flocking to Baguio in droves, the place became crowded and densely populated.

My favorite shot is of this pine tree. I just love how the dark green of its leaves beautifully complemented the blue skies.

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