13 May, 2009

Cafe by the Ruins

After having some hot chocolate at Arko ni Apo, we had dinner at Cafe by the Ruins. The place was quite popular among locals and tourists, so my Baguio-based friend told me. I surmised as much as when we arrived and it was still early for dinner then, the place was almost full.

The ambiance was pretty. Artworks decorated the walls and the tables, chairs and placemats were all locally made but I was so concerned with my grumbling stomach that I did not take the opportunity to take many pictures of the place.

Their breads were one of the best I ever had. And it was most unique too as I never had camote bread in my entire life! I mean, I know camote can be made into camote cue and chips and is an ingredient in ginataan, which happens to be one of my Favorite Filipino snacks, but I did not know that it can be made into bread.

I was starving that night I ordered a sandwich and pasta. They were really good. Below are their pictures though the latter was taken rather too brightly as my camera then was new and I was yet to master it (I literally just point and shoot at my subject without any care at all to its functions).

The Ruins is located in 23 Chuntug Street, Baguio City. You may contact them through telephone numbers (074) 442-4010 and (074) 446-4010. Their fax number is (074) 442-5272.

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