20 May, 2009

Animal Cruelty

While I was sitting in the steps of a shed in Wright Park, I saw children enjoying themselves while horseback-riding. Parents and horse handlers cheered them on. I was happy for these kids but felt sad for the horses. Not only did they appear thin and poorly fed. Some had their forelocks painted pink!

Maybe the handlers wanted these horses to look like Starlite and Sunriser, the horses in the kiddie show, Rainbow Brite, so they can be more appealing to children but I must say it made the horses look ridiculous!

I love animals. When I was a child, my mom would watch me like a hawk each time I came home from playing because I almost always had an animal with me. It may be a friend's dog or cat that I'd love to play with or some stray that I brought home to feed.

I remember that when I was 10, I saw some kittens crying in one of the bushes at school. On the street was their dead mom that got hit by a tricyle. Worried that they would not be able to fend for themselves, I brought them home, hid them in our backyard, made a makeshift "house" for them and secretly brought them food thrice a day (think of the movie Beethoven, except that these were kittens, not a dog). And since the kittens were too young, I remember trying to bottle-feed them with my baby brother's milk bottle but since they could not suck yet, I had to find a way to feed them. In the end, I had to dip my pinkie finger in milk then painstakingly put it in the kittens' mouths. When mom found out, they were already 2 months old and were eating solid food. LOL.

I love animals. Thus it angers me to see what they did to those hapless horses!


  1. hi milai, thanks for the sympathy message and for thinking of me. you are right about the horses. hope something can be done about it. regards

  2. they look like my little pony.

    we are a family of stray cat picker-uppers. even my own mother does it.