21 April, 2010

Swensen's Singapore

After our leisurely walk along Bugis area and on our way back to the hotel, we passed by Swensen's and it was here that we decided to have dinner.

Why Swensen's
We chose Swensen's because we were tempted by its mouthwatering desserts while looking at its big menu outside. That time, I was feeling a little stressed and as sweets are my uppers (read that as something that lifts me up) and ultimate food choice, the sweet tooth in me just begged to be satisfied.

While passing by, I was also charmed by its casual atmosphere. It's like eating good food in a good restaurant without having to deal with a stuffy ambiance.

What I Ate
I ordered their Chicken Baked Rice, which was said to be one of their all time favorites. The picture on the menu was just plain inviting. According to it, it is tender fried breaded chicken baked over savory rice with cheese in white sauce. Hmm. Seemed decadently delicious.

When my order came, I wasn't disappointed. The chicken was indeed tender, the cheese in white sauce rich and creamy and the entire combination was absolutely quite a treat.

My drinks
I forgot what my drink was called but it was some sort of shake that's minty. It was yummy! The mint complemented the sweetness just fine thus it's not too sweet to make one stop relishing it after a couple of sip.

The Nutty Mighty
Our ultimate treat and my best stress-buster that night was the Nutty Mighty. It had chocolate buttercup, macadamia and mocha almond fudge ice cream crowned with a generous measure of whole macadamia nuts, peanuts, almonds, hot fudge and caramel. The pictures on the menu alone looked fetching.

True to its picture on the menu and name, it was indeed a "mighty" dessert. It was served in a tall ice cream glass with layers of heavenly ice cream with a slew of nuts. Jid and I were just too happy to share it we forgot we were on a business trip for a while as we felt like pampered travelers while eating this gratifying dessert.

For more information about Swensen's Singapore, please visit their official website.


  1. you always post the best looking foods! lol. how have you been??

  2. hey!

    am fine. things have been pretty hectic lately. how about you?