19 April, 2010

Singapore's Parkview Square

After our lunch we had two more client meetings to attend. One of our client's office was located in Parkview Square and while there, I couldn't help but be amazed at how magnificent the building was. The said building housed some of Singapore's top companies and even a couple of embassies it was no wonder the security was so strict they did not allow taking any photo while inside the building. I thus just contented myself with taking as many photos as I could once outside.

The Golden Bird

The building has an open plaza and in its center is a statue of a golden bird which is supposed to bring wealth.

A treasure trove of famous people

Surrounding the open plaza are sculptures and statues of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, and Winston Churchill, the geniuses Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, renowned painters Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt and music prodigies Mozart and Chopin.

The Parkview Square at night

This is my favorite shot of the Parkview Square. It was taken during our leisurely walk later that night when we were scouting for a dinner venue.

The Parkview Square in Singapore was designed by the American James Adams, together with DP Architects of Singapore and was built as the last major project of Mr. C.S. Hwang, a Taiwanese tycoon who wanted it ""imposing and monumental, yet stylish and elegant."

For more information about this building wonder, click HERE.

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