29 July, 2009

The Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt Winners

the prizes, sans the Honda Jazz car

It’s fun. It’s purple. That’s how things have gone for the Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt. And to cap the event, a grand finale was held on July 25, 2009 where Yahoo! painted Manila purple and purple hunters had fun joining the many activities that Yahoo! prepared for them.

And to end my blog posts about the Purple Hunt, I am posting the list of winners from Phases 2 – 4.

Phase 2 – The Hunt for the Canon Digital Ixus Camera
Congratulations to the following:

1. Franze Ramirez
2. Tristan Jerick Reyes
3. Antonio Victor Velasco
4. Francesca Cruz
5. Marileen Moral
6. Joan Lyn Matawaran

I am so glad to know that one of the winners (Tristan) is from Yahoo! Profiles, which I manage as a Purple Crew member.

Tristan onstage, with Myx VJ Drei and Jonas de los Reyes of Yahoo!

And oh, I so love his unique and very craftily made jeans! Isn’t he creative?

I was so charmed by his pair of jeans that in the morning, I asked him if I could get pictures of it. He obliged, which was so nice of him. Love the Yahoo! logo, huh.

Again, my heartiest congratulations, Tristan!

Phase 3 – The Hunt for the Blackberry Smartphone
Congratulations to the following:

1. Jennilyn Tanciangco
2. Sylvia Oronce
3. Germie Florendo
4. Alwedjh Obenario
5. Coralyn De Castro
6. Eleonor Priscilla Garcia

Phase 4 – The Finale Footrace

the Footrace winners from left Erliza Karen Cabisidan, Calvin Galgana and Jemuel del Valle

Congratulations to the following:

Calvin Galgana - 1st Prize: the Honda Jazz Car.

Calvin onstage with the lovely Miss Bianca Gonzalez & VJ Drei

Erliza Karen Cabisidan - 2nd Prize: state of the art entertainment system including an Apple Ipod Touch, a Bose SoundDock, an Apple Macbook Air and a Sony Playstation 3.

Jemuel del Valle - 3rd Prize: the Canon 500D Digital SLR

The Finale Footrace winners doing the Yahoo! yodel

Congratulations too to the remaining 37 footrace hunters who each got a Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit.

For more information about the Purple Hunt Finale, check out the blog of Miss Janette Toral, a fellow Yahoo! Power User and Purple Crew member.

And oh, the fun does not end when the finale was held as now, the Yahoo! Philippines microsite is a fun place of Purple Trivia, games and cool downloads. Be sure to check it out!

Thanks Yahoo! for bringing the purple fun to the Philippines. Cheers!

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