16 May, 2012

Chocolat Lindt Berne Swiss Dark Chocolate

Received this from a friend and so my sweet tooth was treated to an indulgence of premium Swiss Dark Chocolate from Lindt, a small yet one of the world's finest chocolatiers. 

I have adored Lindt since I tasted their Lindt mint chocolates way back in college.  Though not really a fan of dark chocolate as I prefer white or milk chocolates, this one became an exception.  The fragrant smell of cacao wafted into my nose when I peeled off its silver foil.  I took a bite off a bar.  Then another...  And I was reminded of how delicious Lindt's chocolates are.  

And this particular dark chocolate was quite addicting as I could savor the defined taste of chocolate but it was not bitter as most dark chocolates are or so sweet that I just kept on popping its bars into my mouth.  That is, until I remembered my diet.  Ha ha!  

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