04 June, 2010

Deep Fried Dory Fillet with Rice

After we were done with our registration at Suntec City, Jid and I decided to have lunch in one of its food court. I was not able to note the restaurant name though because the food attendant was rude. When she saw that I was about to take pictures, she motioned her right hand sideways while saying, "No pictures, no pictures!" Still, I got a picture of their menu. Ha!

My lunch consisted of rice and deep fried Dory fillet. I chose it as it was listed as "recommended" in their menu but I was disappointed when I sampled it. The fish was tough and so was the breading.  The sweet and sour sauce was also more sour than sweet.

In any case, it's still enough to fill a grumbling stomach.


  1. but the food looks oh so yummy!!! sayang...

  2. ang tigas ng breading, girl. na overcook yata. weird pa pagkakaluto. parang 'di sweet and sour... or iba lang siguro timpla nila sa SG. he he!